Dunes of 230 feet are the scene special to slither in our tables. In the west of Catamarca complement this exciting activity with trekking within mines, visit to wineries, adobe and water constructions thermal fantastic 50 minutes of trekking, where the red of the mountains is prevailing, alternating with grey, pink, green and yellow. An unbelievable place behind the mythical village of Purmamarca . To more than 13.000 pies, in the limit between Salta and Jujuy, take always this picture that already is positioned like wall papers in the laptop of many of the students with which go. Of there until Iruya is alone admiration Exotic palm trees plain, creeks and forest in gallery, where know the beauty corners of this place, doing boating, mountain bike, horse riding and trekking. Many activities in a place without comparison in Argentina We visit one of the cultures that possess one of the histories more moving of aboriginal groups of Argentina: Quilmes. We walk during 2 hours knowing relics of its pucará, houses and farmyards